Most of work with local charities is carried out by Solidarité Anglicane, a charitable 1901 association. Our Chaplaincy is a religious association (1905 association cultuelle), so it can’t give donations (although it can receive them)

Each year, at its AGM, Solidarité Anglicane chooses three charities to support, with the aim of raising an amount equivalent to 10% of the church’s income for the previous accounting year.

Anyone can nominate a charity, and everyone on the electoral is a member of the association and can vote for a specific charity

For 2020 it was decided that Solidarité anglicane would support l’Arche, the Lifeboats in Boulogne and the lifeboats in Calais. Christmas boxes for the refugees would also be prepared.

There are also other appeals such as the Bishop’s Advent Appeal, which seeks to support the Anglican Communion Fund and its work empowering women in different and often difficult parts of the world. Read more about that here.